Tuesday, 30 November 2010

My Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 broke!

Almost exactly one year to the day I acquired it, my sony ericsson xperia X1 smartphone has broken and died a mysterious death!

One minute the phone was working, the next all I had was a blank screen, no display, switching it off and on again, removing the battery had no effect.

Over the year that I had been in possession of this lovely windows powered Sony Ericsson mobile phone, it had fallen down a couple of times, and probably been rained soaked once, but on the day it died, it was in my car, didn't fall down or anything, just stopped functioning, the hard thing was it had some valuable data on it which I hadn't synced with microsof's myphone website in a long time.

Due to my reliance on my phone to run my business, I have had to get a quick replacement Windows based device, and it is not another Sony Ericcson.

I did try getting my Sony Xperia X1 repaired, but was told it was not economical to do so!
Luckly for me, while researching a replacement phone I also came across a cheap PAYG no contract network provider that offers real value for money and runs on the O2 network system, it is called GiffGaff, so I'm joining them as well to save some money as their bundles (called goodybags) offer more and cost less than O2 are providing me with.